Thursday, September 25, 2008

How 'Bout Those Cowboys?

I'm going to make a book recommendation without even having read it: "Boys Will Be Boys" by Jeff Pearlman. Believe me, I've already put in an order for it online - even in these trying economic times.

You only thought the Cowboys of the mid-90s were a roving band of miscreants who could run really fast and hit really hard. Pearlman provides absolute proof, according to this post on KSK.

Here's a few samples:

James Washington on Jim Everett: “Yeah, I would smash Jim Everett when I wasn’t supposed to, but I thought the bitch was a punk.”

(Michael) Irvin, to teammates in the locker room: “How can I allow only one woman to have a body this good? This is the body you will aspire to have. This is the body you will aspire to achieve. You will not achieve it, but this is what you will strive to achieve.” Notice he made no similar boasts about his brain.

Anonymous player: “Mike got more Cowboys laid than touchdown catches.”

Those are pretty much the only examples that can make it onto this(mostly) family-friendly site. Thus, get to Barnes and Noble or hit up I need to be able to discuss this book with someone at some point.

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