Friday, September 26, 2008

Sympathy for Sarah

There's really no need to add anything to this moving essay by Ta-Nehisi. Just read.


Anonymous said...

loves it!

Anonymous said...

I have to co-sign. It's sad and angering all at the same time, but on a certain level, it's a good thing for those of us who feel the Republican party as it stands today has nothing positive to bring to the American people.

Palin obviously has some smarts, or she wouldn't be where she is today, but she's certainly not smart enough to be so close to the presidency. And the fact that she is right now is mainly John McCain's fault. But at the same time, when asked to do something as major as run to be the vice-president, one should really take some time to think about their readiness. It's a true patriot who turns down such an opportunity because they don't think they're ready for the responsibility.

But on the other hand, the way this campaign is running, this really might nullify her future in the Republican Party. She could have had a serious future as the new face of a "new" Republican Party, but I think this foolishness has pretty much squashed that.

And sorry this is so long. Got a little carried away, I guess.

blackink said...

Never apologize for nuance, anon. I'm much obliged.

But you're right: it's criminal what McCain has done to Palin's political future. She's turned into a national joke through a deadly combo of her own hubris and McCain's last-gasp effort to infuse his campaign with enthusiasm. A purely political ploy it was, bringing her down from Alaska.

And that's unfair because she could have been so much more, regardless of what I might think about her political ideology. McCain should be ashamed.

And I feel badly for Palin. Well, mostly sympathetic. I can barely stand to sit through her interviews now. The sad thing is, there's more to come.