Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miami, my second home

Well, I'm finally back in the mix after a 36-hour weekend stopover in Miami and an eight-hour work shift that has left me completely numb. Sorry for the delay.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say it was my first visit Miami. But, please believe, it will not be my last. As I was heading north on Interstate 75 this morning - very early this morning, I was already making plans to return.

There's plenty to like about Miami: the balmy weather; the intermingling of cultures; the collective swagger of the locals; Ocean Drive; Little Havana, etc. The list could go on and on, no?

Most notably, Miami lived up to its rep as the nation's "most attractive" city - at least in these eyes. And it's not even close. I can't go on about this for too long because, well, I'm only single in the technical sense, I'm trying to be respectful here and I've already been blessed to date way out of my league.

However, if I could go back about 8 years in time and talk to the 22-year-old version of Blackink, I would tell that young man to get thee to south Florida. By any means necessary.

No offense to the beautiful ladies of Fort Worth, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Houston and Shreveport but, uh, now I can understand how someone like Luther Campbell came into his own down there. Just wow. Wow.

UPDATE: Since I'm confident in my own looks and, uh, sexuality, I must mention that Miami's rep for good looks goes both ways. I'm throwing this in here for the sake of the First Lady. Which by no means makes it less true.

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