Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And Sarah Palin will be their leader

Honestly, you have to read this insane monologue from Rush Limbaugh to believe it:

In that sense, it was said the only opportunity this party has to regain power is John McCain. Only John McCain can get moderates and independents and Democrats to join the Republican Party, "and we can't win," these intellectualoids said, "if that didn't happen." ...

... There are probably other names I am leaving out here of Republican moderates who have fled and joined the Democrats and Obama, for whatever reasons. I say, good riddance. And this is why I said to you earlier in the week, "I don't care who wins this election. The task at hand is going to be rebuilding the conservative movement and making sure that the Republican Party is its home.

Good for him and them. They deserve each other. I think it's great that Limbaugh is encouraging his minions to "rush" toward the right and embrace an ideology that is being roundly repudiated by a majority of Americans.

What makes this rant even more promising is that Limbaugh is calling for Palin to be the new leader of this party of rock-ribbed, right-wing rejects.

She says, "I don't know what kind of role the Republican Party would want me to play." Well, make her the head of the party, for one thing! That might be a good idea.

I hope those Dittoheads are listening. Geez. I know some conservative types are bad with science. But who knew they were bad with math, too?

UPDATE: I meant to give a pound to Ross Douthat for the link. Douthat says Limbaugh's " logic is so airtight it's suffocating." Indeed.

UPDATE 2: McCain campaign handlers were apparently given a choice between allowing Palin to come off like a "scripted robot or an unscripted ignoramus," according to this item from GQ's Robert Draper. Ah, the future leader of the new, old GOP. Sounds about right.

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