Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Threat

The First Lady and I should be careful this weekend. Apparently, carloads of black people are putting down their crack pipes long enough to leave the projects and vote in the willowy suburbs near our condo.

Don't believe me? Well, maybe you'll believe this trustworthy source.

"The threat: Here in Temple Terrace, FL our Republican HQ is one block away from our library, which is an early voting site.

I see carloads of black Obama supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama. This is their chance to get a black president and they seem to care little that he is at minimum, socialist, and probably Marxist in his core beliefs. After all, he is black — no experience or accomplishments — but he is black."

We don't have to bother with the outrage or the repudiation or the calls for an apology. It don't really matter. If you're thinking of calling up Al Sharpton, don't do it. If your local NAACP chapter is ready to spring into action, encourage them to redirect their efforts.

The First Lady and I already did our part to protest this sort of vile call to action: we voted last weekend. If you haven't already, it's your turn to hit the polls. And take someone with you. And while you're doing that, call or e-mail a few more folks to make sure they're not slippin. I already called my barber this evening after he told me earlier in the day that he hadn't voted yet. These are the things that make up a movement, dig?

The agony of waiting in a long line will be nothing compared to the thrill of seeing the faces of guys like Ron Whitley and David Storck and Saxby Chambliss on Nov. 5.

I already can't wait for Tuesday to get here.

UPDATE: I should mention that our governor, Charlie Crist, should be applauded for his decision to order extended hours at all early voting sites. That move hasn't been too popular with his GOP brothers and sisters. I can't comment too much about Crist because, you never know, I might be sitting in his Tallahassee office with a tape recorder someday. But I will say that, more often than you'd expect for someone who was a serious contender to be McCain's veep, Crist seems to put principles before partisanship.

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