Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama tee-vee

So, I'm watching the 30-minute Obama prime-time address right now. It's about what I expected, though, I must admit, I'm a little surprised that he is actually narrating the ad.

Quality, quality stuff. Everything is first-class with this dude.

Thus, I can understand why McCain launched a preemptive attack this afternoon. But he's only got himself to blame: the GOP should have got their ground game together in the spring and raised the funds while Obama was fighting off HRC. Whining about the financial disadvantage isn't going to change the fact that they got their ass whipped in the streets.

Not to mention, they'd have been better served paying more for ads than stylists.

UPDATE: The closing live scene from Florida was the perfect touch, though I'm somewhat biased here. The production values were, not surprisingly, excellent. UBM comes up with a great term: "politically sophisticated." Above all else, Obama has infused his campaign with an air of professionalism and proficiency.

And at the end of the ad, I thought of the similarities between 19-year-old blackink and McCain.

Maybe you don't know this about me, but I once played running back at TCU from 1996-98. "Play" is probably too strong of a verb; I was a virtual tackling dummy.

I redshirted my freshman year, made the travel squad a couple times, earned some props on the scout team and legitimately thought it was my turn to get some carries the next season. Or at least some snaps on special teams.

But then, in the fall of 1997, some hotshot freshman from Waco showed up on campus. A soft-spoken, countrified dude named LaDainian Tomlinson.

He was fast, strong and, in short, nasty as hell with the ball in his hands. I spent all summer lifting weights, added about 15 pounds and got my bench press max up to 320. LT came in pressing 365. At the end of two-a-days, everyone was talking about the stud freshman.

I didn't need a scouting report or a depth chart. My plans for football stardom at TCU were over.

And this brings me to McCain: Once the ad wrapped up and his campaign has a chance to assemble in their war room, I wonder if they'll be able to cope with the fact that they've run up against a superior challenger.

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