Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain's real problem: himself

Hunter ponders the improbable: John McCain's poorly-run campaign has more to do with his free-fall in the polls than his ties to the historically unpopular President Bush.

So... congratulations to McCain, I guess. He managed to do the seemingly impossible -- be trailing in the election not because people were deathly tired of George W. Bush and didn't want anything to do with his party, but because people are deathly tired of John McCain, as well. And I think the award needs to be shared communally, because at all levels of the Republican Party, candidates seem to be going out of their way to make themselves similarly dislikable, out of touch, or (and this is the favorite approach) be ranting with such gusto about the incipient socialism if any of you poor cretins out there dare get better healthcare or a more stable economy that they seem, to be blunt, f---ing nuts.

Yeah, McCain has been "tested," all right. Tested by his ridiculously mismanaged campaign. And that's not leadership we can believe in.

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