Saturday, November 1, 2008

A case for equality

Samuel L. Jackson makes the hard sell for rejecting Prop 8 in California and, indirectly, Prop 2 here in Florida.

It's simple, really: Many of the same arguments used to deny rights to generations of people who looked like me are now being used to prevent gays from having the right to marry. We can trace the rationalization for American inequality back to the bottom of cargo ships and the plantation and beyond.

Either you believe in equal rights, or you don't. Don't try to dress up prejudice.

Now, we can quibble about whether or not the government should have ever got into the practice of dealing with weddings instead of civil unions - a basic contract between willing partners. But that box has been opened and we're too far gone to close it.

If I've had any disappointment with Obama, it's that I don't think he's willing to push hard enough on this issue. On this issue, at least, he's just a man of his times. But I'm glad to see Bill Clinton is taking up the fight.

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