Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Return to the 4th Chamber

I probably spent more time than I should have last night sorting through my CD collection. It was inevitable, I suppose, that I was going to run across some long-forgotten gems.

Probably my favorite digging-in-the-crates surprise of the evening was finding "4th Chamber" by the Genius/GZA. I originally bought this as a B-side single with "Shadowboxin" back in high school. This is one of my all-time Wu favorites because Ghostface Killah drops one of the most incoherent, incomprehensible, dope rhymes I've ever heard in my life.

Or do you really know what an "unflammable Noriega" is? Check out the lyrics for yourself here.

(Pound to Avery for jogging my Wu jones the other day).


avery said...

SON! 4th Chamber?

Disciplinary action/
was a fraction/
of strength/
that made me truncate the length 1/10.

WHAT! GZA kilt it.

avery said...

just back to place the blame. the phillies won AND i'm all geeked up on 4th Chamber. No way i'll be sleepin tonight.

blackink said...

Yo, feel free to enjoy the Phillies' big win. I might live in Tampa, but I can appreciate an honest-to-goodness rabid fan base. And the Tampa Bay area ain't it.

Also, I'm happy to see Brad Lidge find some redemption. He left Houston hella shook.

Let Killah Priest be your guide this evening:
I'm overwhelmed, as my mind, roams the realm/
My eye's the vision, memory is the film