Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

Reading this makes me want to sit down and watch House Party 1 and 2 and one of my unfathomable favorites, Class Act. (This is also a plug for my publication. Who else is bringing you the latest on Kid 'N' Play? Or, at least, Play.)

This takes me back to the days when Tisha Campbell was still fine as hell, everyone on my block was rocking a high-top fade and I spent a whole summer practicing the "Kid 'N' Play" in my neighborhood pool. Something like this: (I'm having problems posting the video right now. This link will be good until I can figure out what the hell is wrong with my browser.)

I haven't done it in awhile but I'm sure I can still pull it off. One of my homeboys has a picture of himself pulling off the feat a couple years ago. I'd post it but I don't have permission yet - that's a hint, dude.

UPDATE: Ah, J-Will, you're a good man. Here's the pics, courtesy of our boy DeRonnie Pitts aka DJ Twodegrees.

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