Monday, July 14, 2008

Barack talks, no one listens...

I already think I'm going to be sick now that the first reviews are coming in.

I'm not mad at Barack. I'm mad at myself for thinking the politico press was more nuanced than this when it comes to matters of race. Is that all they came up with out of his speech? Certainly, Sen. Obama talked of something else.

Remind me not to get my hopes up about that upcoming CNN series "Black in America."


Melinda Williams said...

Dang! I want to see Obama have this conversation with someone besides black people. This is so tired. He's not a preacher or a teacher, he's a politician running to represent the people of the United States.

With the exception of folks who come from money or influence or those rare people who are just lucky, people who take responsibility for their lives move foward; those who don't stagnate. That's nothing new, and neither is a call to personal responsibility by community leaders.

My problem with what Obama is doing is that he's not a community leader anymore. Now, I feel like he's using this responsibility theme to soothe some white voters by making himself look like he's "not like the rest of them."

It's a cheap shot if you don't address the other societal and governmental issues that can undermine personal responsibility.

BTW, have you seen this:

Scroll down past the New Yorker bit and see what's going on on public television.

blackink said...

Welcome and thank you for joining us, Melinda. You and I seem to have a lot in common, I think.

You definitely make some good points: speaking truth to weakness, rather than power, is no form of political bravery. I'm ready for Barack to move on from this topic. For good. Unless he's got something new to say.

And, seriously, what could John McLaughlin know about "Oreos"? That's so asinine that its almost not worth a response.

Zen said...

Why do BLACK people need CNN to report on what it's like to be "BLACK IN AMERICA". I'm expecting nothing less than to be disappointed.

Why don't they do a show about what it's like to be white/hispanic/italian/german/asian/or any other ethnicity in America.

We're falling for the okey doke.

Random Thoughts said...

I have no qualms with what Obama speaks about. He is speaking the truth and it needs to be told. This truth is not just for preachers or teachers to speak, but for anyone who can get the platform to speak the truth. If he wasn't saying these things then I'm quite sure that someone would voice "Why Not"? This is a huge "AA" public figure who can speak to our people. So WHY NOT??? He needs to keep on doing what he is doing. Plus, I'm sure that this was not all that he talked about. The media can be very slanted.