Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sports Saturday

This just might be an official "Sports Saturday" on False Hustle. It's about 85 degrees and ridiculously sunny here in Tampa, reminding me that the start of football season is only a few weeks away.

That means, soon, we can all stop acting like we care about baseball (sorry, Rays), golf (a Tiger-less summer, at that) or the upcoming Olympics (outside of the sprints and hoops, I could care less. I consider it sports as an expression of nationalism).

Anyway, here's a few links to whet your (my) appetite: - Looks like Thunder could be the nickname for Oklahoma City's new NBA franchise. I was partial to Mike Wilbon's suggestion of the Outlaws the other day, especially as one of the few remaining fans of the long-defunct USFL. - Myron Rolle of Florida State is a genius and a beast. A positive story for those who think (inaccurately) that the media is all about publicizing the thugs of the game. - I'm not sure if this story says more about Ricky Williams or less than something about the Fins. I can only wonder how different Ricky's career might have been had Master P not gotten hold of him out of college. - Unlike most folks, I'm not really tired of the Favre-Packers saga. I love football news in the offseason. But I don't really have anything new to offer on the topic - unlike these guys. - This is highly personal to me: my dad worked at the gates of the Astrodome back in the mid-80s. I saw nearly all of my first live sporting events here. I just can't imagine Houston without the Dome - it's only 43 years old. - I just don't buy that guys need to transfer to Oak Hill Academy to increase their profile. TMG had already committed to a major school (LSU) as a sophomore. And Houston Madison was good enough for Vince Young, you know?

More to come later.

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