Monday, July 14, 2008

It worked

Don't you get it? New Yorker magazine just hit the jackpot.

Somewhere, deep in their editorial offices Monday morning, I imagine that the editors and bean counters were cheesing mighty hard around the water cooler. They could care less about whether Obama, his campaign or his grandmama were offended by their allegedly satirical cover illustration of the Senator and his wife dressed in terrorist garb.

That's not the point. The point is that folks are talking about the magazine, good or bad. The cover dominated the discussion for the day. That's a win. Vanity Fair is probably wishing they had thought of it first.

Also, Editor David Remnick tried to explain: "The idea that we would publish a cover saying these things literally, I think, is just not in the vocabulary of what we do and who we are."

Sure, whatever. The important thing is that they move more subscriptions and get more copies taken off those newstands. It'll be interesting to know how well this issue of the magazine sells.

I don't have much of an opinion about whether or not this is appropriate. I'm not all that outraged but I can see an argument for why someone else might be - I don't think any major publication would publish an illustration of McCain in a Klan outfit or anything.

I can buy that the idea was satire, poorly executed. But, in the end, it was mostsly a great marketing ploy. I'll have to go out and get a copy today - I have a place for it on my coffee table next to this magazine.


Random Thoughts said...

Ok Mr. Blogger, I do take offense to the cover of the New Yorker. I thought it was very disrepectful as well as ditasteful. You are right about one thing....I don't think we will see John McCain on the cover with a Klan's sheet or even with a little red suit on carrying a pitchfork perhaps with Cindy McCain boozed out on the couch.

blackink said...

Hey random thoughts. Welcome and thank you for your contribution.

Stay for awhile and invite a friend or two.

Anyhoo, you can make a good case for the cover being distasteful. I could care less about the New Yorker being respectful. As long as they're fair, that's all that matters.

I just don't want folks to work themselves into a frenzy over every slight - intended or not - as Obama pushes his way toward the White House.

I get the feeling the bad stuff is only getting started.