Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's up with The View?

If anyone is out there (and at home), could someone tell me what sparked the latest Hasselbeck-related run-in on "The View"?

All I know is that it had to do with Whoopi using the "N-word" (as I get more comfortable on here, I'll probably just go ahead and use it - I've got no real issues writing the word), Elisabeth got all faklempt, and Barbara Walters had to break it up. It wasn't a Rosie-type meltdown but it was entertaining and overly dramatic.
I'll refrain for forming an opinion until all the facts are in. But, no doubt, we'll be hearing more about this later.
UPDATE: Ok, I get the feeling that the dispute had something to do with this. Ugh. Rev. Jackson had better keep a low-profile over the next few days. It ain't gonna be pretty for him.
And that talk about him wanting to take a prominent role in Obama's campaign this fall? Um, probably not.

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