Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missing Shreveport

Big ups to my old fam in Shreveport in general and John Andrew Prime in particular. I used to sit across from JAP during my first couple of months at The Times, often exasperated as he repeatedly pointed out things I wasn't listening to on the police scanner. I can only imagine this story is a product of his amazingly attentive ears:

A few things about this story:
1. I've been to Stray Cats a couple times before and trust me, nothing this interesting ever happened while I was in there.

2. It probably says less than something about my knowledge of film that I considered Jeffrey Wright to be the biggest movie star in this story. Maybe it's because I remember him from his portrayals of MLK in "Boycott" and Jean Michel Basquiat in the appropriately named "Basquiat." A very underrated actor, according to these novice eyes.

Wright is apparently playing Colin Powell and Josh Brolin is portraying 43 in their latest film, which reminds me ...

3. ... I had NO idea "W" was being filmed in Shreveport. Amazing. Shreveport has come a long way in the movie biz in a short amount of time. Seems like only yesterday when everyone was bragging on this movie coming to town.

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