Friday, July 18, 2008

A sign of stupidity

Think this is a revisionist version of history: that Democrats were somehow to blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks?

Well, not if you're Mike Meehan of the Orlando area.

Meehan had three billboards put up around the Orlando area on Sunday, all of them showing New York's World Trade Center going down in flames next to the phrase: "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat."

It's far beyond obvious that Meehan is being intentionally provocative and controversial. Not even the local GOP was happy with those billboards - though it must be mentioned that the state Republican Party spokeswoman supported his right to free speech.

But the bigger problem is that Meehan's message isn't even remotely logical: Republicans held majorities in Congress and the Senate, not to mention that Dubya was in the White House at the time. (And let's not get into the deathgrip the GOP has exerted over most of Florida's statewide offices for the past decade).

However, the facts aren't enough to slow down Meehan. He's hinted at putting up a few more signs through the November election, saying, "We need to show this more often. People don't ever see [these images] anymore. Now, you show it again, and everybody's shocked, as if it happened today."

Go ahead, Mike. Meehan might actually be a Democrat's best friend come this fall.

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