Monday, July 14, 2008

Linked Up

Here's a few links to some things I've been reading today - when I was supposed to be working, most likely: - The actual story behind the cover that has ignited all this outrage Monday. Actually, an insightful look into the birth of a political star. - I wish this would put an end to the insidious phrase "Sister Souljah moment" but somehow I doubt it. Great insight from publius, though. - Explains the reason why, no matter what the Supreme Court thinks about the D.C. handgun ban, it will be extremely tough for District residents to buy a piece there.,0,1438588.story - Help me here ... is the bloom already off this rose? I haven't read this blog in weeks. - An interesting "essay" of sorts about the potential fallout from Brandon Jennings' decision to take his game to Europe. I have more thoughts about this but I'll save them for later.,0,2815645.story - I was looking for something else when I came across this story - another depressing one for those of us who work in newspapers. For us journos, I guess it's a matter of who will be the last one off the boat.

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