Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's only Tuesday?

I'm not sure if anyone out there is reading but after two days of rapid-fire blogging, I've got to take a break of sorts today.

Tuesday represents Step 1 of Operation Takeover (yes, I'm being cryptic for a reason) and I'll be subjecting myself to a battery of tests that will determine my mental fitness for the task ahead.

But I've got all sorts of plans for this blog - adding a blog roll today or Wednesday; writing about the prep hoops star who's skipping college for a year of ball in Europe and why that's too risky of a proposition; more thoughts from the presidential campaign; trying to figure out if I think Brooke Hogan is attractive; and mulling over why our brightest sports stars (Kobe and A-Rod, in particular) are so unpopular. Just to name a few things.

I'm not openly taking suggestions - it would be sort of embarrassing if no one is indeed reading this. But if you've got some ideas, feel free to share. I'm always looking and listening.


I'll leave you (me) with this link: http://www.theroot.com/id/47288. Again, I feel sick this morning. Thankfully, I've avoided CNN, MSNBC and the like.


Zen said...

You need to blog about your take on the economy. Current situation and futre prospects.

Blog about what you think an Obama presidency will be like. (First Black Prez).

Kevin Durant is the EPITOME of a professional athlete and has been since his freshman year of college.

Any opinion on the English as the official language debate?

As the African American community becomes the SECOND largest minority group, what role do you see for the community as America changes?

You should attempt to preempt or forcast CNN's Black in Amercia. By either giving your definition or forcasting the BS they're going to throw out there.

I have more but I have to save it for my blog.

blackink said...

Zen, you offer up some great, thoughtful suggestions.

And, no doubt, we'll be going back-and-forth on our blogs about all this good stuff.

I'm ready when you are.