Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on "W"

Politico.com reports on the big movie production going on in Shreveport. Maybe you've heard of this upcoming film, "W"?

Oliver Stone, at least to me, can find drama in events where none previously existed. So I can only imagine what he'll do given the material that Dubya has provided him to work with over the past seven-and-a-half years or so.

But maybe the most interesting nugget comes near the end of the story where we learn that lovely English actress Thandie (pronounced TAN-dee) Newton will play the role of ... Condoleezza Rice? Wow.

Not to be mean here and all but, uh, that's a bit of a stretch. No matter what Stone thinks of Rice's work in D.C., Stone has given her quite the compliment. Judge for yourself:

Btw, on the off chance that you're interested in the fledgling movie-production biz going on in The Port, here's a link to a blog produced by one of my former co-workers: http://louisianamovies.blogspot.com/.

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