Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Dance Lesson

If you were ever interested in learning how to Crip Walk (or C-Walk, if you ain't gangsta), here's how to do it.

And here's a real quick "What's playing in my deck" before I head out into the balmy Tampa night with my No. 1:

1. Where I'm From by Jay-Z
2. Puerto Rico/Black People by Frankie Cutlass
3. Sally by Stetsasonic (a welcome old-school surprise to the mix)
4. Frontin' by Pharrell feat. Jay-Z
5. The Baby Maker by Carl Thomas

One last note: the worst song in current rotation on the radio has got to be, in my opinion, "Cuddle Up" by Pretty Ricky. A complete and utter mess. And the video follows the script. What in the hell is going on with R&B these days?

Ok ... that's plenty. That completes a full week of blogging - more than 40 posts in seven days.

I have no clue where this whole enterprise is going, especially with my schedule in the midst of serious flux over the next few weeks. But I'm really liking this. And if you do, too, then let's work on this together.


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