Sunday, October 5, 2008

The death rattle

TNC has asked folks to link to this clip of Sarah Palin, so I feel obliged to abide his wishes this afternoon.

I'm conflicted about what this so-called gaffe actually means and whether it's worth my or TNC's outrage. I don't take it literally that Palin believes women who don't support other women will have a front-row seat in Hell. But who really knows?

At this point, the Republican ticket has resorted to nudging awake those dwindling numbers of dogmatic neoconservatives who were initially reluctant to support McCain. From here on out, we should expect the worst from McCain and Palin in their flailing attempt to claw back into the race. Gutter and identity politics will be their play, pure and simple.

It's just sad: I think it's the death rattle of a nearly lifeless campaign.

UPDATE: Speaking of death and such, Andrew Sullivan is shooting poison darts at the GOP: "Palin is the aroma that rises from the corpse of American conservatism. And they find it invigorating."

UPDATE 2: For all we know, Linda Hirshman might be bound for Hell.


Matt C said...

The hell comment just sounds like some ill-considered attempt at humor to me -- nothing to get too exercised about.

The stuff about Obama's "terrorist pals," with the racist undercurrent, etc., THAT's the death rattle. And with Halloween approaching and Republican poll numbers falling like autumn leaves, it will only get louder....

blackink said...

Agreed, Matt. The joke fell flat and even she was doubtful about whether or not to bring it up.

But, yes, looks as if the Republicans will be shoveling sludge from here until Nov. 4. We better get some good boots.