Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swagger like me

Maybe it's a product of good genetics or good living or simple blessings from God, but I still look a few years younger than my age. I turned 30 in May.

My regular barber, a 23-year-old aspiring gospel hip-hop artist and producer (who actually is very, very talented. No, really) and all-around cool brotha, couldn't believe it. He'd figured me for 24 or 25, which is what most people say.

Then he said this: "Yeah, but you always had an old-man swag about you."

I can only assume this is a compliment. Right?

UPDATE: Speaking of swag, this is ridiculous. This dude almost makes Making the Band unwatchable. Almost.

UPDATE 2: I should mention that my youngish facial features were no great benefit as a teenager. Lest we forget, the ladies are not checking for dudes who actually look like kids at that age.

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