Thursday, October 9, 2008

The MC in McCain

Check out that ice grill.

Think John McCain and T.I. have nothing in common? You would be wrong. Check out this breakdown of "Rubber Band Man" from Matt Yglesias:

That’s the McCain message. He’s a maverick (”wild as the Taliban”), endorsed by the NRA (”9 in my right, 45 in my other hand”), understands the need to cut marginal tax rates on the most productive Americans (”worth a couple hundred grand”), and owns thirteen cars (”chevys, all colors man”).

... And, of course, TI even hits the experience issue, arguing “check my resume n—–, my record’s impeccable.”

It fits nicely with the thuggish meme recently adopted by the McCain campaign. In fact, I think we may be seeing the rebirth of the age of the "Angry White Male," with McCain as the new leader of the movement.


Anonymous said...

that pic is priceless. hahaha!

blackink said...

McCain is such a thug. That pic left me shook, yo.