Monday, October 6, 2008

Not funny

Chris Tucker used to do a comedy routine (starts at about 3:30) about what might happen if there was a black president - the yard wouldn't be cut regularly; junk cars would be in the driveway; and he wouldn't need a bodyguard because he'd have his own gun ("Daaaamn! The president fucked somebody up"), etc.

It wasn't groundbreaking stuff but it was sort of funny when I was a kid. Well, there's a McCain campaign operative in Virginia who's saying the same things now except it really isn't a joke.
A local newspaper columnist, in a spoof of Obama’s platform, wrote in one recent piece that the Democrat would hire the rapper Ludacris to paint the White House black (a reference to a pro-Obama song by Ludacris), and divert more foreign aid to Africa so "the Obama family there can skim enough to allow them to free their goats and live the American Dream." He joked that Obama would replace the 50 stars on the U.S. flag "with a star and crescent logo," an Islamic symbol, and that his policy on drugs would be to "raise taxes to pay for Obama's inner-city political base."
According to the supposedly satirical column, other Obama positions included mandating Americans learn to speak Arabic as a way to deal with terrorism, supporting reparations to the black community upon election and appointing Rev. Al Sharpton to Secretary of State and Jesse Jackson as a United Nations representative.

Funny, right?

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