Sunday, October 5, 2008

In praise of Tecmo Bowl

Since it's NFL Sunday and I'm in an old-school mood, here's some clutch YouTube footage of Bo Jackson and Christian Okoye on Tecmo Bowl - the most revolutionary video football game of all-time.

Anyone who grew up, like me, playing Intellivision Football, 10-Yard Fight, or John Elway's Quarterback knows exactly what I'm talking about. Kids really don't know how good they have it now.

Anyway, here's also a list of the best players in Tecmo Bowl history here. Whenever possible, I always played with the 49ers on Tecmo Bowl because they had a crossing route with Jerry Rice that could not be stopped.

UPDATE: The rebirth of "Punch-Out" might be reason enough to finally convince me to buy a Wii - the First Lady has been seriously lobbying for one. I've been resolute about not buying another video game system. But that's definitely subject to change now.


avery said...

bo jackson on tecmo bowl. we gotta start using that as an adjectival description of excellence. don't really flow smoothly off the tongue, but there's no better player on any video game ever.

blackink said...

I'm really struggling on this one, man.

Borgeous? Bodorous? Bo-ffo? Tec-bo? I don't know. Nothing seems to be really worthy of Bo's virtual greatness.