Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halle Berry is the sexiest?

I'm not going to argue with Esquire this year, other than to note that I humbly submit the First Lady for serious consideration.

Over at postbourgie, however, there's a serious difference of opinion about this designation.

Some of it has to do with their interpretation of "sexy." Some of it has to do with doubts about Berry's relative lack of acting chops. And some of it has to do with, say, a lack of "rawness" that makes some women seem more salacious than others - Kerry Washington, for instance, is more alluring to me in that, uh, special way than Beyonce (I suspect "I Think I Love My Wife" has something to do with this).

I've put in my two cents at pb - yes, Halle has been in a few clunkers but she's done about as well as the material she's been given; on a pure eye-test basis, it's hard to argue with the pick; she's a better choice than going with Angelina Jolie again.

We could argue about this all day. And once upon a time, I actually used to do that. There's never going to be consensus on such matters. But for those who really, really can't cotton with Esquire's pick, fret not: like Cubs fans, there's always next year.

UPDATE: Since we're talking about dimes, here's a list of the "10 Hottest Canadian Female Celebrities of All Time." I want to get into a longer post on this topic but, in short, these sorts of lists remind me of the bottom-line importance of BET and Ebony magazine. If black folks didn't have their own outlets, you might think none of us were all that attractive. For the record, I might add these two names to the aforementioned list - Deborah Cox and Tamia.


John P. Araujo said...

Hey, she's got my vote! :-D
She can go from sultry sexiness to graceful elegance and still be awesomely beautiful. Nah, Angelina can't compete.

shani-o said...

See, now I thing Angie is sexy. She's weird and scary and dangerous and brings serious heat.

Different strokes, right?

blackink said...

Hey, I will most certainly not disagree with those who think Angie is sexy. I know where you're coming from, Shani-o. She's got something about her, I think.

If it comes down to Angie and Halle, I'm going with the latter. But if it's Angie and Jennifer Aniston, then I know where Brad Pitt was coming from.