Sunday, October 5, 2008

In a word: "Wow"

As someone who grew up rooting for and suffering with the Houston Oilers, I've gotta tell you: watching the Texans completely unravel in the 4th quarter against the Colts reminded me of a modern-day interpretation of the Kevin Gilbride-Jack Pardee era.

Those clips are still painful to watch today, more than 15 years later. My goodness.

Thanks for the memories, Sage.


Matt C said...

I was hoping the Texans would come through for you and provide some measure of consolation after the pain of Kimbo Slice's emabarassing defeat last night. (Btw, the guy who took him down is planning to open his second Smoothie King soon. Read more below.)

blackink said...

Eh, Matt, I gave up my rooting interest in the Texans a long time ago. The love just wasn't there.

I've tried to rekindle the love affair with the Oilers-Titans but even that doesn't feel the same. So I just decided to root for whoever is playing against the Cowboys.

And, whoa nellie about the Smooth King. Thanks for the link. He has other unique interests but it's best not to share that link here.

Kimbo lost a lot of street cred Saturday. Sigh.