Friday, October 10, 2008


Sometimes, you just have to call a punk a punk:

If their suggestion really is that Obama is a sleeper radical, then they should be forced to articulate those views out loud. If they really think that on January 21, 2009, Obama is going to invite Ayers over to the White House so they can set off fire bombs throughout the West Wing, I want to hear them say it.

If they believe that Ayers is going to advise President Obama on matters of national policy, I want to hear them say it.

If they believe that the Ayers relationship signals that Obama will depart from his center-left legislative record and implement a radical policy agenda, I want to hear them say it.

If they're simply arguing that this association proves Obama is a poor politician, I want to hear them say it. If they believe the Ayers issue will manifest itself in other ways, I'm all ears.

I agree. Over the next couple of days, I think Obama supporters and other Democratic operatives should allow right-wing bloggers and conservative pundits to talk themselves into the noose. For only a second, don't shout them down or try to turn the topic back to the economy; simply pose the questions and don't let them squirm away.

In that regard, Obama and Biden are hitting all the right notes with the "say it to my face, nucka" meme they rolled out Thursday. McCain talked all that noise about taking off the gloves heading into Tuesday's debate but instead hid behind Sarah Palin and his wife. Well, Obama should take the chance to expose him in the third and final debate. Obama should call McCain out, make him articulate this garbage on stage for all the world to see.

Sometimes, the best way to handle a name-calling bully is to dare them to step in the square.

UPDATE: Maybe Obama and Co. are "playing mindgames with the old guy." Probably not, though it's not a bad idea. Obama probably would love for McCain to bring this up next week.

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